Using a Doctors Note

There comes a time in all of our career-lives that we just need a break.  We just need a little time off to rewind and recollect on how great life really is.  Unfortunately, many of our employment situations do not allow time off.  I mean, we get some time off but we often don’t get off the time that we really need or want.  Sure we might get a few days over Christmas or Thanksgiving, but often its too much time and we spend far too much with our families.

Thanks to the internet, a solution has arisen: fake doctor’s notes.  These bad boys are available online to download, edit, and print right from our home computers.  With one of these babies, you can get off work any time that you please.  They cost a small fee and even can be faxed or emailed directly to our employers.

Are they legal? Well, yes, if they do not contain real medical information on them.  That means no real doctor’s names and no real medical institutions.  Are they ethical? Probably not.

But if you’reinterested, just feel free to go on the internet and look around. You will find them. But you need to get one that has a watermark, stamp options, logos, and other little details.  To get a great note, check out pages like this.